caps in airWe began recording college and university commencements in 1989. Over the past 30 years, our goal has been to produce programs that reflect the energy and vitality that surrounds these once-in-a-lifetime events.

Each school is different—our programs capture the flavor of each place, including the unique moments that are special to each graduation.

Our multiple camera persons focus as much as possible on students, providing candid shots throughout the day or weekend’s events. The majority of these video professionals have been shooting commencements with Collegiate Video for many years, so shooting exactly what’s needed comes naturally to them. Each school coordinates with us to provide excellent camera positions, so that our lenses see things that sometimes escape the audience, especially those seated at a distance. In addition to capturing superior images, our crews record crystal clear audio with direct line feeds and wireless microphones.

During post-production, we edit carefully, making long speeches shorter and more interesting while keeping the length of student presentations intact as much as possible. The actual program creation process is performed with you the viewer in mind. Easily navigable chapter markers, optimal compression rates, and professional duplication make our DVD programs true keepsakes–worthy of every graduates collection.  Our USB Flash Drive option preserves the program in it’s highest quality – high definition – for permanent family archiving on hard drive or in cloud-based storage platforms.

Order one of our programs – on DVD or USB Flash Drive –  and still bring your camera to commencement.  But don’t worry about whether or not you also brought tape. We’ll get it all for you.